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Move your mouse over each wheelie to see what they have to say
Willy Gerald Greg Brian

“Hello, I am William Grey Bin, but I allow my friends to call me Willy. I was the first perfect grey bin they made in the plastics factory.  Because I am so clever I am the leader of the grey wheelies in our road.”

“Hi, I’m Gerald the grey bin who lives next door to Willy. Some wheelies joke about me because I’m very shy and nervous, but I think they’re just jealous of my scarf. I found it in the road one day and have worn it ever since.”

“I’m Greg, a young grey wheelie and I have just moved into the road. The people in my house were always overfilling me, until Willy showed me how to stop them.  I am very grateful for his help and advice.”

“My name is Brian the grey bin. I live next door to Gerald, who is scared of the shadow of his own lid – HA HA. The other grey wheelies say I argue a lot, but I don’t agree with them.”