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About The Stories

The Wheelie Binnies have had lots of exciting adventures since they arrived in the road. The rivalry between the different types of wheelie bin means there is always something happening. If only the people in the houses knew what was going on just outside their doors!

You can read the first fully illustrated story ‘Willy and the Grey Bins’ by clicking on this link, or via ‘Read Some Stories’ on the main menu.  This story introduces Willy and the other grey wheelies, and explains how they were made in the plastics factory and sent out to work on the housing estate.  It also tells of a young wheelie bin called Greg whose people are always over filling him.  Find out how Willy, the leader of the grey bins, tries to stop this ever happening again!

Things become even more interesting in the second adventure ‘Gilly and the Green Bins.’  You can read this story by clicking on this link, or via ‘Read Some Stories’ on the main menu. When the green recycling bins come to the road Willy and the other grey wheelies really have their lids rattled! Will there be enough rubbish for both the grey and green bins by collection day, and will the Council lorry be prepared to empty them both?

The four adventures described below are currently not available online.

In the third story ‘Bin Wars’ the feud between the different wheelie bins continues. Willy and the other grey bins feel they have been made to look foolish by their green rivals. Willy comes up with a plan to get their own back. Will he succeed or will Gilly and her recycling bins win again?

Bertrand and his group of brown garden waste bins are delivered by lorry in the fourth story in the series, ‘New Arrivals’. This gives the other wheelies more to think about, apart from squabbling with each other. Willy is determined to show that he is still the cleverest wheelie, but Bertrand has his mind on more important matters.

Problems between the three different types of wheelie bin reach a climax in the fifth story ‘The Accident’. One of the wheelies ends up in the middle of the road – just as a car is passing by!

In the final story, called ‘Off-Colour Connie’, one of the green wheelies becomes very confused and starts behaving strangely. The other wheelies blame Bertrand for encouraging her to think differently from them.